Netherlands Is Building Roads With Plastic Waste From The Ocean

October 25, 2017

Netherlands using plastic waste oceans to build roads
Photo credit: Bob Daemmrich/Polaris

A Dutch company has found a way to give plastic waste a new, productive life.

Volker Wessels has announced plans to collect plastic pollution from the ocean and use it to build highways in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

"The plastic offers all kinds of advantages over the ongoing construction, both in the development of roads and maintenance," said Rolf Mars, one of the leaders of VolkerWessels.

"The road will have greater endurance and can withstand extreme temperatures from -40° to 80° C. Its installation will be done in less time."

Among other benefits, the project proponents point out that plastic is lighter than cement, so the ground pressure decreases substantially. The hollow space within the blocks also allows easy insertion of cables and can be used for storage.

Inventors Anne Koudstaal and Simon Jorritsma "expect to have a first prototype completed by year-end 2017."

Watch the video below.

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