11 year-old Katie Stagliano plants gardens to feed the hungry

February 20, 2013

Katie Stangliano went home and planted a cabbage seedling in her backyard that she received from a 3rd grade school program. Little by little, that seedling grew to a whopping 40 pounds.

Katie knew she had something special and wanted to do something special with it. Her father had always told her that they were very fortunate to have food on the table every day, and some people had to go to soup kitches to be fed.

"If I have this 40 pould cabbage, I could really help these people," Katie said. "It could give them a tasty meal that was healthy and not let them go to bed hungry."

Katie's goal is to stop childhood hunger. Starting with one giant cabbage, Katie now has 5 gardens. One in her backyard, one at her school, one at her master garderners, one at a local farm, and one in the neighborhood.

Friends and classmates at Katie's school found out about her story and are helping her garden. It wasn't the giant cabbage that was special, it's Katie.

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