Teacher goes above and beyond to help student with eye patch fit in

February 15, 2013

An elementary school teacher in Jacksonville, Florida teaches her class about accepting people for their differences.

Ms. Brown was informed that one of her students, Brantley Rogers, had injured his eye and will be wearing an eye patch for the next three months. Brantley was playing with a stick when it suddenly snapped in half, poking his eye causing an extreme corneal laceration.

Extremely nervous about returning to the classroom with an eyepatch, Brantley asked his mother if the other students were going to make fun of him.

Brown made eye patches for every student in her class to help Brantley fit in on his first day back to school.

"We start the beginning of the year talking about we're all different," Brown said. "We all have differences. Different things we like and that we should accept people for that all the time."

Brown made Brantley feel just like everyone else, taking all his worries away. She did all of this to help one child.

"If they're not comfortable in our learning environment then everything I say or try to teach them is not going to do them any good."

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