Prison inmates jump into freezing creek to save 3 boys from drowning

February 1, 2013

Three brothers canoeing in a Washinton creek tipped over and found themselves fighting to survive in the rough, freezing water.

Luckily, prison inmates were working nearby and heard the screams for help.

"We just thought it was some kids screaming until we seen their two heads bobbing in the water with the canoe upside down," inmate Nelson Pettis told KPTV.

Inmate Larry Bohn jumped into the icy water and helped the oldest of the brothers get to shore. The current was too strong for them to get to shore on their own.

Bohn then jumped back in to assist Pettis who was helping the younger brothers. Once ashore, both Bohn and Pettis took off their shirts to try and keep the boys warm until help arrived.

"He looked real bad," Bohn said. "They were saying 'thank you' repeatedly. They just seemed really scared."

The three boys were taken to a local hospital and treated for hypothermia.

Although the inmates are being called heroes, they are humble about the rescue, telling reporters that even though they've made some bad decisions in the past, it does not mean they are bad people.

Source: KPTV

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