College Student Saves Man from Oncoming Train at Toronto Subway

January 15, 2013

This week bring's another story of a hero risking their life to save a stranger who had fallen onto the tracks of an oncoming train.

23 year-old plumbing student, Dwight Orchard, lept onto the tracks at Toronto's St. Clair West subway station after seeing a man fall over the edge.

"I could see the subway running toward him and everybody was screaming," said Orchard, reached at Mackenzie Richmond Hill Hospital Tuesday night where he was undergoing tests for pneumonia. "It was a split-second decision ... I just wanted to get him out of there. I didn't want him dying."

While Orchard was trying to lift the man off the tracks, other bystanders were screaming at the oncoming train in hopes that it would slow down or make an emergency stop.

Orchard was able to life the man to safety just before the train arrived. Shortly after, he hopped on the next train leaving the man with TTC officials.

Ren Niles, a bystander of the event, released a photo on Facebook of Orchard at the subway station. Luckily, the Toronto Star was able to locate him for an interview.

After being asked how he is enjoying the media attention, Orchard replied, "That’s awesome, I’m loving it. It makes me feel a lot better."

Source: Toronto Star

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