Mother raises thousands for her own brain surgery and donates it all to 11 year-old for similar surgery

January 8, 2013

Jamie-Lee Hall raised thousands of dollars for her own brain surgery and donated all of it to her 11 year-old neighbor, Connor, facing a similar operation to remove a life threatening brain tumor.

The 24-year-old mother of two has an uncommon neurological condition called Moyamoya Disease, where arteries at the base of the brain are blocked, risking paralysis. This is her second brain operation in 3 years.

By a stroke of luck, Hall found a specialist at Sydney's Royal Prince Alfred Hospital who agreed to perform the surgery for free. The news came on Christmas Eve, which certainly made this the best Christmas present Hall has yet to receive.

Hall generously donated the money she raised from various donations including some from strangers, as well as her friends and family, to Connor. After all, Hall has a connection with Connor that most do not. She was diagnosed with her condition around the same age and understands what he is going through.

"So, the minute they said we wouldn't have to pay, I said I wanted him to have the money," Hall said. "He needs it more than I do now...I think everyone should help someone in need if they can. When I was younger, everyone did the same thing for me by raising money for me to get a wheelchair, and I want to show my kids that they can do the same thing"

Although it's very likely Hall will face another surgery in the near future, she didn't think twice about giving her money away to help someone in need...a true, every day hero!

Image: KIRK GILMOUR  · Story: Illawarra Mercury

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