Australian TV Host Goes Viral For His Speech Against 'Sleazy' News Agencies

June 2, 2017

Aussie Today Show host Karl Stefanovic is going viral for calling out news agencies that profit from criticizing and publicly humiliating people.

Karl Stefanovic goes off on Daily Mail

After the Daily Mail ran a story on him checking into a caravan park with a female colleague, Stefanovic delivered an impassioned speech slamming the tabloid.

"How would you feel if I judged you for what you're wearing this morning. How would you feel if I criticised your hair, or mocked your make-up or shamed you for not wearing any?" he asks.

Karl Stefanovic goes off on Daily Mail

"The Inference: I'm a drunk. The real hurt here though is for my colleague, a young female colleague," he said, adding that she "spent the past few hours in tears" over her portrayal in the article.

Stefanovic, a class act and one of the funniest anchors in the business, once wore the same suit every day for a year to prove a point about sexism in journalism after a female co-worker was criticized for wearing the same outfit twice.

Stefanovic has had enough. Watch the video of below.

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