Watch Indian Villagers Pour Water Into The Mouth Of A Thirsty King Cobra

April 3, 2017

In a recent video that has gone viral, a man is seen quenching the thirst of a massive King Cobra that slithered into a populated Indian village in search of water. The 12-foot-long venemous snake peacefully accepts the man's generosity.

During the hot summer months of the Karnataka's Kaiga township in India, snakes often wander into the residential areas looking for sources of water. Before calling animal control or police officials, locals offer water to the venomous snakes in order to quench their thirst and encourage them to move on.

"Whenever a snake wanders into civilian-populated areas, we first offer it water. There is nothing sensational about it. The Kali River, which runs through the Karwar Forest Range is flush with water and so are the backwaters located near the Kaiga Power Plant. During summer, many different birds and animals come for water, including cobras," CN Naykka, the man in the video told News Minute.

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