Inspiring dentist devotes hours to start a free clinic for over 500 students

November 28, 2012

Dr. Daniel Tanita has been doing volunteer dental work for children in Richmond, Virginia since the late 1990's. His devotion and time to help others has not gone unnoticed.

Tanita was the inspiration and driving force to build a permanent dental clinic in a local elementary school this past Septemeber. The facility offers free dental care to over 500 students with the help of Tanita and a few other volunteers.

When Tanita first started volunteering, he was conducting dental checkups in a janitorial closet with only one small chair and no windows. Now the facility has a reception room, two full service dental chairs, and comes  equipped with all modern dental tools.

All of this because of one man's devotion and dedication to helping others.

"Years ago, I found myself looking for an opportunity to reach out to a population in Richmond that had tremendous need, and I knew that some early dental work and education for the kids could make a big impact on their lives," Tanita said. "I am not sure exactly where it came from but probably from family. I always admired my grandfather, who was a Protestant minister and was really committed to helping others."


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