Police Officers Carry Pregnant Woman 6 Miles Through The Snow To The Nearest Hospital

January 21, 2017

Six police officers in India's northern hill town of Shimla carried a pregnant woman on their shoulders for six miles, when heavy snow blocked all the roads down the mountain.

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Credit: India Times

Kamini, 23, went into labor and called for an ambulance to take her to hospital. However, heavy snow meant paramedics could not reach her remote Indian village.

Kamini and her mother were losing hope of getting treatment, but then six policeman arrived at the house.

The officers wrapped Kamini in a blanket and asked her to lie down on the cot they brought with them, then started the long walk down the mountain, trudging for three and a half hours through the ice and snow.

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Kamini was admitted to the hospital where she gave birth to a healthy baby girl.

The amazing story has been covered throughout India, with people applauding the heroic officers who rescued her.

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