NASCAR driver gets inspiration from NFL star to win championship

November 19, 2012

NASCAR driver Brad Keselowski won his first championship this weekend. His motivation came from a very unlikely source --- Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens.

Keselowski won the biggest race of his career at just 28 years old, beating one of the all time greatest champions, Jimmie Johnson. All week Keselowski has been talking to his fans about a promotional video Ray Lewis created for a recent video game. In the video, Lewis talks about the challenges he overcame to become the star he is today.

"I've always been told that I'm too small, not big enough, I'm not fast enough and that I don't have what it takes," Lewis says in the video.

Keselowski has been tweeting the message to his fans .

"What I like about Ray Lewis … is that he brings a level of passion that is really unparalleled in his sport, and he's successful because of it," Keselowski told reporters this week. "I want to bring that same level of passion, that same level of intensity to NASCAR."

Apparently Ray Lewis found out and actually called Keselowski the day of the big race. Unfortunately he could not catch him in person, so he left a voicemail. We're not sure what it said yet, but one can only imagine.


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