How To Have a Worry-Free Life

February 6, 2012

Most people spend their lives worrying about every significant and insignificant thing. That means they focus their awareness only on the sacral chakra and therefore stop their own personal progress. It’s impossible to progress in your personal development and live a stress-free life whilst being constantly thinking about stuff that might or might not happen to you.

You can do a few things to let go of these worries and live a more joyful life. Here they are:

1.Be centered

Being centered means always being aware of your true essence no matter what situation you find yourself in. You can achieve this state when you stay present on a regular basis and meditate. You can also achieve this state if you try to understand yourself and get into the habit of retreating from any situation that makes you too much involved in it.

Being centered includes the practice of non-attachment. This ability prevents the dissipation of your aura since you don’t waste your energy by trying to control uncontrollable external things. Any kind of attachment creates suffering, whether it’s an attachment to money, your partner or your business.

On a personal note, I managed to let go of almost all kinds of attachment except from the attachment to my business. I know that I’m still a bit attached to my business because if I would lose it I know that would cause me to feel upset. That shows that I have an emotional investment in it and that dissipates my aura. However this attachment is decreasing because when something goes not the way I planned in my business I get less agitated than I used to.

Any such emotional attachment creates misery and is unhealthy. It makes your energy field weaker and thus more likely to be affected by the negative fields of other people. You can find out whether you have an emotional investment in something by asking yourself how you would feel if you would lose that object. E.g. if your partner would leave you, would you feel heart-broken? Or if you would lose your home, would you feel upset? If you would, it means you are emotionally attached to those things.

Most people would think that it’s insane to ask such questions – of course they would get upset if they would lose such things. But just because most people would think it’s an insane question doesn’t make the question so. It just shows that most people are emotionally invested in so many things that they cannot comprehend how it’s possible to live any other way.

Well I’m here to tell you that it’s indeed possible to live in this world without any kind of emotional investment. The more you get rid of the emotional bonds you have with people and things, the happier and more powerful you become. Then really nothing can hurt you and you always feel good. If your partner leaves you, that doesn’t affect you. If you happen to lose a large amount of money, your mood doesn’t change. Can you imagine how great it is to live this way?

Some, after reading this would say that non-attachment is just running away from yourself. Others may think that non-attachment is an inability to love or the act of not expressing your feelings because of the fear of being hurt. However non-attachment is a totally different thing from all these.

Non-attachment means that you truly know yourself, you are centered and judgement-free. You totally accept others and love them unconditionally; You totally accept circumstances and see them as lessons. However you don’t get involved into anything to the extent that you lose yourself because you know that such activity dissipates your energy and leaves you vulnerable to negative energies.

It doesn’t require any effort on your part not to get too much involved into situations or the business of other people. That comes naturally and you feel how healthy it is to live this way. You also understand that when you get too much involved in anything it creates unhappiness because you are no longer aware of your inner self.

You can develop this attitude of non-attachment by always being aware of your essence and by trying to understand yourself through meditation and other self improvement techniques. Be interested in your own life more than in the lives of other people and your will have much more energy and happiness. Work on your own personal development, question the world, examine the feelings of attachment that you have.

When something goes not as planned, focus on your breathing and don’t try to react in a way you usually do. Think what this event/situation teaches you and how to use it in a good way. Be grateful for what you have and know that this event is for your own good, even if you don’t think that it is (because you are not aware of the plan your soul has for you).

2. Don’t lose yourself

This also has to do with being centered, however I wanted to highlight this particular lack of constant self awareness. It usually happens to people who find a new religion or guru to follow or start dating new partners. They completely lose themselves in a new doctrine or partner and therefore dissipate their energy and lose their personality. They lose their balance and can be easily influenced by others.

That often happens to women who start dating the partners they love. They totally get involved in their partners’ lives forgetting their own hobbies and not keeping any kind of distance at all. This causes them to lose that “something” about themselves that their partners were attracted to in the first place. As a result they become not that interesting to be with and the love quickly dissipates.

I made this mistake before and that hurt me a lot. Now as I have a new partner I no longer lose myself in him. I know exactly who I am and I appreciate him a lot but I behave in a way I did when I was without him. I simply make some time for this new person in my life but I don’t sacrifice anything else. This doesn’t require any effort on my part, it comes naturally to me as a result of my self development. So by behaving in this way I cannot get hurt no matter what his actions/words might be.

Many people make this mistake where they think that another person should complete them. Trust me, if you cannot complete yourself nobody will, no matter how great another person is. Don’t make another person the highlight of your life because you should be in the center of your life. Each person has different lessons to learn in this life and if you lose yourself in another person you may learn their lessons, but not your own.

To not lose yourself in new doctrines/people that come into your life you need to be interested mostly in yourself and develop yourself. Make your life so interesting that you wouldn’t want to waste time constantly being involved in the lives of other people.

You should keep being centered and filter the experiences by yourself rather than thinking about how your partner/friends/parents would perceive them. You should basically see everything that happens to you as a lesson, as for the good of your personal development. This way of living will make you into a really interesting and centered person who cannot lose himself/herself in another person or anything else.

3. Let go of control

Wanting to control outside circumstances or things will automatically make you worried. You never know what will happen outside yourself and thus if you want to control things outside yourself you will always worry about what will happen next. Instead of doing that, tell yourself that you will be okay no matter what happens and you will try to make the most out of everything that happens to you.

It’s such a relief and joy to get into such mindset. Nothing can hurt you if you do. Every event becomes meaningful and useful. Everything benefits you and nothing hurts you. You develop yourself so fast that major changes happen in your life every day, week or month. And that’s a true personal progress.

4. Trust

Trusting God (the Universe) keeps you in touch with your soul and makes you relaxed and happy as a result. When you put your hopes in the universal intelligence you always get rewarded. So instead of worrying about something, focus on believing that things will work out to your advantage. Pray, meditate or do anything else that you feel keeps you in contact with God and place your total trust on this intelligence. You will be rewarded in a big way if you do this.


This short list of things you can do to create a worry-free life should bring a lot of peace and easiness to you. The most important thing to remember about this subject is that you should take yourself out of every situation that you feel you are getting too much involved in. This will keep you centered and aware of your true nature. And this awareness will give you power, peace and happiness.

You won’t instantly have a worry-free life, of course. It takes time to end the habits of worrying when they have been with you for a long time. However the more you are aware of the times you are worrying the more you will be able to use these tips to eliminate such worries. This awareness and constant action will gradually change the way you think about people and situations until you are no longer attached to anything and therefore completely happy and at peace.

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