Man has no idea he owned a national treasure putting the appraiser in shock

October 23, 2012

Ted from Tucson, Arizona had no idea he was in posession of a "national treasure" until he decided to take it to an antique road show exhibit.

As soon as he walked in with it, the appraiser quickly had security escort the man to the correct area to have the appraisal televised.

Ted owned a Navaho first phase weaving blanket. It was one of the first blankets ever made by this tribe, woven sometime between 1840 and 1860, and was worn only by Chiefs. It was a Navaho blanket in it's purest form.

Ted claims it was given to his grandmother's father by none other than Kit Carson. It's been hanging off of a chair in his house since it was passed down to him. Knowing it's age, he decided to see if it was something special.

The appraiser had trouble catching his breath, calling it "Extremely rare, the most important thing that's come into the road show that I've seen...when you walked in with this, I just about died."

The blanket was appraised for $350,000 - $500,000. The appraiser also noted that if they can prove it has been handed down by Kit Carson, the value would increase by 20%.

Ted is seen on film wiping tears from his eyes. His financial state had just completely changed.

The blanket is now in an American history museum.

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