Las Vegas cab driver returns over $200,000 to rightful owner

October 12, 2012

An Ethiopian cab driver in Las Vegas found a jackpot in his back seat and did not keep it. He returned the money to it's rightful owner.

Over $200,000 was stuffed in a laptop in the back seat of Adam Woldemarim's cab. Woldemarim found the money while cleaning the car.

The passenger who left the money was reunited soon after and even tipped Woldemarim $2,000 for his honesty. He apparently won the money gambling at one of the many casino's on the Las Vegas strip.

NBC News asked Woldemarim why he didn't keep the money for himself, to which he responded, "That's not my money."

Woldemarim is making around $350 a week working 5-6 days, yet he does not regret his decision one bit. He is proud and happy about doing the right thing.

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