Two marines save the life of an injured motorcyclist

October 10, 2012

Two marines driving home from work in California saved the life of an injured motorcyclist involved in a major traffic accident.

Anthony Vaughn could not stop in time to avoid a vehicle stopped at a traffic light and crashed his motorcycle.

Both marines, who had never met before this day, noticed a lot of commotion and traffic ahead on their drive home from work.

Staff Sgt. Javier Acosta was the first to rush to the scene after seeing a man rolling around on the ground screaming for help. Vaughn was losing a lot of blood, and losing it fast.

Due to his extensive military training, Acosta knew he had to do something to stop the bleeding. He quickly put pressure on his femoral atery with his knee.

Sgt. Ronny Pool rushed to the scene next with his trauma kit in hand. Pool had the same training as Acosta. Stop the bleeding, start the breathing, protect the wound, and treat for shock.

Pool took off his belt and wrapped it around Vaughn's upper leg in an attempt to stop the major blood loss.

More people ran to to help including two medical students. About 20 minutes later, paramedics arrived and took Vaughn to the emergency room. He was treated for massive injuries including a broken arm and severed leg. Doctors were able to save his life.

It might have been a different outcome if two marines were not there, and trained to help.

"I feel me and Sgt. Pool did save the individual's life," Acosta said. "Nobody was helping him out, and with the severity of the trauma, I believe he honestly could have died. I'm really thankful I had another Marine next to me with the same training."

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