Hero pulls over to save woman being attacked at gas station

October 4, 2012

A man may have saved a woman's life this week at a gas station in Kernersville, North Carolina.

DeJuan Jernigan was driving home from work and pulled up to a red light when he noticed a woman getting beat and pushed around at a gas station across the road. She was screaming for help while the man assaulting her was trying to drag her into his car.

Without hesitation, Jernigan drove into the gas station to help.

"He was definitely beating her, her jacket was ripped," said Jernigan. " I was not gonna let her get into the car."

Jernigan stepped in between the two and physically restrained the man until police arrived.

"I told him rather hardly, and rather strongly, by getting in between them that he wasn't gonna hit her no more, and wasn't putting her in the car," Jernigan told reporters.

Jernigan was one of many who witnessed the incident, yet he was the only one who stepped in, risking his own life to save a complete stranger.

Reporters caught up with the victim of the attack later on only to hear how grateful she was for Jernigan to show up and step in.

Watch the news clip below.

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