Strangers See A Man Trapped In An Upside Down Car Leaking Gas And Do Something Incredible

July 22, 2016

Bert Sorin was on his way to a meeting on Interstate 20 near Columbia, South Carolina, and witnessed a car veer off of the road and flip over. The red convertible had lost control and flipped multiple times.

The driver, Jonathan Janzen, was alive but trapped under the car. Then something incredible happened.

"We grabbed my med kit, ran to the site and attempted to flip the car with just a few of us. No go. The car was leaking gas, so we knew we needed to get him out quickly," Sorin wrote on Facebook. "[I] Went back and brought my truck and tow strap to pull off the doors, but they were stuck and the strap kept snapping."

people flip car with man trapped underneath leaking gas
Bert Sorin / Facebook

"By that time, more concerned folks showed up and we were able to flip over his car and free him. It was awesome seeing everyone working together and saving this man before the EMTs could even arrive. God and fine American citizens were looking out for this fella."

Watch the video below:

Janzen walked away with some scratches and lots of new friends.

"Thank you so much every single one of you," Janzen told WISTV. "Whether you helped, whether you just stood there and watched and gave me a hug afterward, just thank you for your concern."

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