Two men saved the life of a woman trapped inside a burning car

October 1, 2012

Two men saved the life of a woman trapped inside a burning car flipped over on the side of a highway in Pennsylvania.

According to police, the driver, 21 year-old Sara Vandergriff, fell asleep, hit a maibox and went airborne. The car landed on it's side and burst into flames.

Gordy Potratz and Bill Lather immediately pulled over and rushed to the scene.

"We came over the hill and saw a car laying on its side, the engine was on fire, we stopped, Bill jumped out and went to the girl," said Potratz.

Bill was having trouble getting the her out of the seatbelt, so he yelled to Potratz for his knife. He was able to cut the seat belt and drag Vandergriff to safety.

Police told reporters that the car burned so fast that the make and model could not be identified.

The two heroes were very humble after their brave rescue, giving the hero label to people that risk their lives every day.

"I don’t want to hear the hero thing okay? We did what we had to do, to help somebody, heroes are fire fighters and police officers and military that do that every single day, we just came up on a scene and helped somebody," said Lather.

Vandergriff was flown to a nearby hospital and is recovering well after surgery.

Once again a life was saved by two strangers who risked their own doing what they believe was necessary. They never thought twice.

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