New solar powered suitcase invention will help doctors save lives

September 27, 2012

A new solar powered suitcase is being used by doctors to operate on people living in countries where electricity is limited.

Dr. Brad Wong of Hawaii's Aloha Medical Mission came across the invention while searching the internet. He plans on putting it to good use on his upcoming trip to Nepal.

According to Wong, the suitcase was actually developed 3 years ago by a California doctor visiting Africa to operate on people in need. While the doctor was operating, the power would spontaneously go out making it nearly impossible to save lives.

The suitcase comes equipped with a large bright light device, two small camping style head lamps doctors can strap to their foreheads, as well as a fetal monitor that can be charged from special panels stored in the suitcase.

"It's really a win-win. It's a win for us because doing this kind of thing makes you feel good, and it let's us grow. And it's clearly a win for the people we operate on who are so poor they would never get an operation...never would they have the opportunity," said Dr. Wong.

After Dr. Wong's trip to Nepal, the newly purchased device paid for by Revolusun, will be given to a facility in need.


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