Hero rescues neighbor from blazing house fire

September 21, 2012

Alton Wright saved his neighbor's life by carrying her out of her burning mobile home in Swinney Switch, Texas.

Alton and his wife were sound asleep when they were suddenly awoken by the family dog who was barking uncontrollably. Alton woke up to what he said looked like 50 spotlights shining into his house.

The next door neighbor's house was completely lit on fire, with owner Ruth Keene trapped inside. Luckily, Alton is a volunteer firefighter and was able to use his training to enter the mobile home.

He put on his gear and ran over to the house trying to find a way in. Alton was able enter by kicking in the front door. The home was completely filled with smoke.

"And the smoke was just boiling and boiling. I'm yelling Ruth and I can't hear nothing. So I get down and there's about that much space dude," said Wright.

Alton continued to yell for Ruth but was not getting a response. After searching through the thick blanket of smoke, Alton saw her arm.  Ruth was lying in her bed, lifeless.

After carrying her out of the home to safety, Alton realized she was not breathing. He immediately began to perform CPR in a desperate attempt to revive her.

Within minutes, Ruth took her first breath. Ruth was rushed to a local hospital where they expect her to make a full recovery. Alton saved her life.

Although Alton is recognized by the community as the hero, don't forget about the dog. If the dog never alerted Alton, this amazing story might of had a different ending.


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