Boy who raised money for Detroit gets big birthday surprise

September 16, 2012

Joshua Smith of Detroit, Michigan inspired the world when he decided to raise money for his hometown city by selling lemonade and popcorn.

Joshua exceeded his goal of $1,000 by raising well over $3,000 with his neighborhood stand. He felt the city was in trouble and wanted to help out and make a difference.

One of his main goals from the money being raised was to have some of that money used by the government to build a nice playground in his neighborhood.

After the story went viral, Kevin Cook, an executive from Playworld Systems in Pennsylvania, decided to surprise Joshua on his 10th birthday with a brand new playground. Playworld Systems is currently in the process of working out the details with the city of Detroit and hopes to have the $50,000 project completed by the end of September.

Once again, we witness another inspiring story of people returning kindness with kindness.

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