Inky The Octopus Made A Great Escape From The National Aquarium In New Zealand

April 14, 2016

A well-loved octopus named Inky made a daring escape to the sea from the National Aquarium in New Zealand.

inky octopus escape
Inky the octopus / National Aquarium of New Zealand

In the middle of the night, Inky broke out of his tank, found a 150-millimeter-wide drain pipe, and slid his way to freedom in the Pacific Ocean.

The slime covering Inky's skin prevented it from drying out as he oozed from his tank to the drain, and the suckers on his tentacles, helped propel him across the floor.

His only mistake was leaving a trail of octopus tracks, which helped aquarium staff learn how he escaped.

inky octopus escape
The octopus tank at the National Aquarium of New Zealand

According to octopus expert Sy Montgomery, octopus escapes from aquariums are common.

"They can squeeze through the tiniest spaces and easily, a 100-pound octopus can squeeze through an opening the size of an orange," Montgomery told USA Today.

Aquarium manager Yarrall says Inky was brought to the aquarium from a nearby reef just a few years ago, so it's very likely he'll be able to survive in the wild.

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