Humble parking officer saves man from drowning in harbor

August 29, 2012

Timothy Migneault was doing his routine parking meter checks by the harbor in Manchester, Massachusetts when he suddenly heard cries for help.

Migneault looked over by the embankment and saw a man in the water desperately yelling for help, barely keeping his head above the rough water. An elderly man had fallen into the water after trying to step off a boat and was sucked in by the tide.

Rushing to the scene, Migneault reached in and pulled the man out of the water onto the dock.

"My adrenaline was pumping at this point, so I just reached down and pulled him out," Migneault said. "I was like 'OK, let's go.' Everything just happened so fast."

Migneault radioed police and the rescue crew arrived soon after to take over.

After leaving the police station, Migneault carried on and went back to finish his shift. He didn't even tell emergency personnel about his heroic actions.

"He just finished his rounds," stated police officer Stephen Louf. "He didn't even realize everything he'd done. That’s how humble he is."

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