Hero emerges at Perry Hall High School Shooting in MD

August 27, 2012

On the first day of the new school year, tragedy struck Perry Hall High School in Baltimore County, Maryland. Only one person was shot, but it could have been much worse if Guidance Counselor Jesse Wasmer was not present during the attack.

After one shot was fired, Wasmer immediately tackled the 15 year-old gunman and forced him into the corner near a vending machine. One more shot was fired off during the battle. Other teachers soon rushed over to help Wasmer contain the armed student.

The victim of the shooting was taken to a local hospital and is in critical condition. The gunman, identified as Bobby Gladden, updated his facebook status before he went to school this morning.

"First day of school, last day of my life. t(~_~t), f*** the world"

Armed with a fully loaded shotgun, it appeared the 15 year-old student was planning on taking as many lives as possible, including his own. That all changed when Wasmer saved the day and the lives of hundreds of helpless students in a packed cafeteria during lunch.

Tweets began pouring in to congratulate Wasmer's bravery and heroic moment.

"Mr wasmer put his life on the line to save us kids. I expect when we go back to school and see him we clap for his bravery" ~ @Britt_Kingery

"Wasmer cares so much about all of us, he is my favorite person in the school hands down. So proud he's my counselor." ~ @melzie_

Jesse Wasmer is a hero to all the students, teachers, and families at Perry Hall High School, and to people all around the world. It's moments like these, ones that do not allow a second to think or it may be too late, that real life heroes emerge.

In this case, that hero is Jesse Wasmer.

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