She Walks Into A Store Holding Her Baby, And The Cashier Knows Something Is Very Wrong

March 18, 2016

A woman carrying a baby walked into the Alta Convenience store in Arvada, Colorado, picked up a soda and took it to the checkout counter.

The cashier noticed something was off right away.

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"She just kind of had a glazed look on her face and I knew something was wrong," Rebecca Montano said.

Montano can be seen reaching over the counter to hold the baby’s arm as the mother begins to sway in front of her.

cashier saves baby

"It scared me. It scared me," Montano said.

She then took hold of the baby in one arm and tried to stop the woman from falling with the other.

Unable to hold onto both the mother and the baby, Montano let go of the woman, who collapsed to the floor.

Montano called 911 and paramedics arrived to assist the woman, who had had a seizure and was fine following the incident, KDVR reported.

Watch the security footage below:

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