This Woman Couldn't Decide Which Dogs To Save, So She Bought The Entire Shelter

March 1, 2016

Danielle Eden, cofounder of Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary, has visited countless animal shelters throughout the world.

But she wasn't prepared for what awaited her at a shelter she visited in Israel.

woman buys entire shelter
Dog Tales

"This is the worst shelter she had ever seen," Clare Forndran, media director for Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary, told The Dodo.

More than 250 dogs were squeezed into a space designed for about 70.

"Dogs were literally fighting over a loaf of bread," Forndran said. "There were more rats than dogs."

woman buys entire shelter
Dog Tales

Eden couldn't choose which dogs would have a chance at new lives in Canada. So she decided to buy the entire shelter.

Dog Tales has taken responsibility for all 250 dogs. Over the last two months, it managed to relocate 90 within Israel. Another 25 have made the journey to the Ontario sanctuary.

The goal is to bring all of the remaining dogs to Canada.

Watch the video below:

We would like to take a moment to fill everyone in on an enormous project that we have taken on here at Dog Tales. The...

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