Brave neighbor and heroic dogs save woman from massive house fire

August 14, 2012

Max Edison of North Liberty, Indiana saved an elderly woman this past week after lightning struck her home causing a massive fire.

Edison told local news reporters that if not for his dogs wanting to get outside at 3:00 in the morning, he would have never seen the fire. Edison's dogs must have smelled the smoke and knew something was wrong. They woke up Edison which led to the brave rescue.

"We got her out in the nick of time because when that door opened, it took my breath away it was so bad," Edison told the local news.

Once Edison was able to get his neighbor out of the house, he called 911 and firefighters arrived on the scene. After a long hour, they eventually put out the fire consuming the house.

Although the house is now a total loss, a woman's life is saved thanks to a couple of heroic dogs and a brave neighbor's actions rushing into a smoke filled house.


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