Photographer Captures Stunning Photo Of Aurora Borealis In The Shape Of A Wolf

December 20, 2015

Marja-Terttu Karlsson, who resides in Pajala, Swedish Lapland, did not realize how lucky she had been when she was out to photograph the northern lights last week.

northern lights wolf in sky
Credit: Marja-Terttu Karlsson

Only when she uploaded the photos to her computer, she recognized the familiar shape that appeared right before her eyes:

"I thought 'Oh my God, it resembles a fox or a wolf or something.' I didn't know when I photographed what I got. It was amazing," she told SVT.

Karlsson's photo has been shared thousands of times on Facebook, but has also raised suspicion about the authenticity of the picture.

"They think it is fake, but I can assure all skeptics that it's genuine," she said.

The Aurora Borealis are common in the arctic region of the northern hemisphere and are caused by the solar wind colliding with the atmosphere. In recent years, the northern lights have been getting more common due to increased solar activity.

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