22 year-old daughter lifts car and performs CPR to save her father

August 1, 2012

22 year-old recent college graduate, Lauren Kornacki, saved her father's life by lifting a car off of his body and performing CPR.

Lauren's father, Alec, was working on his BMW in the garage when suddenly the car slipped off the jack landing directly on top of him. The weight of the car was crushing him and left him unconscious.

Lauren found him minutes later in the garage and did the unthinkable. She lifted the car off of her father's body and pushed it to the side. The car easily weighs over a ton. After she dragged him out she performed CPR which she learned only 2 days before the accident in a review class at her work.

 "I just lifted up kind of right here and just kind of threw it, shoved my body as hard as I could then I came back and dragged him out and started CPR," Lauren said.  "It flashed like, I'm going to lose my dad." His eyes were open, he wasn't responding to me. I knew I had to get his heart beating again and I had to get him breathing."

Lauren's father is currently in the ICU, but walking and talking. He is expected to make a full recovery...thanks to his superhero daughter. According to Lauren's mother, she is the only reason he is alive.

Many questions come to mind when you think about this amazing story. How could a 22 year-old girl life a car all on her own? Why did she learn CPR 2 days before the accident that depended on it?

We may never know the answers, but one has to consider the possiblity of divine intervention.

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