A Frat House Knows A Little Girl Sees Them From Her Hospital Window. Now Notice Their Roof

December 8, 2015

12-year-old Lexi Brown has a sarcoma, and the cancer has spread to her lungs. She was recently airlifted to the Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA in California.

frat house makes girl with cancer happy

To pass the time and take their mind off things, Lexi and her mother, Lisa, posted a note on her hospital window asking for a pizza delivery.

Lexi's hospital window faced the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity house.

good news

When the brothers saw Lexi's request, they walked over to personally deliver her pizza. They also brought a dozen red roses and a guitar.

The brothers serenaded Lexi for the next 30 minutes, and a beautiful friendship began to form.

good news

They began visiting Lexi on a regular basis. Some nights, the hospital would break its visitation rules to allow them to stay with Lexi until midnight.

frat brothers girl with cancer lexi

For Christmas, they surprised Lexi by putting her name in lights on the roof of their house. They used purple lights to match her favorite color, and added a flashing, beating heart.

Watch the inspiring video below:

(h/t) littlethings.com

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