Boy with cerebral palsy finishes triathlon with help from older brother

July 26, 2012

Team Long Brothers are not your typical athletes. 9 year-old Conner and 6 year-old Cayden have competed in a few kids triathlons recently, but they did it rare fashion.

Conner's younger brother Cayden has cerebral palsy and can not swim, run, or bike on his own. Conner refused to let that stop Cayden from experiencing the joy of competitive sports. He begged and begged his parents to let him compete with Conner in a triathlon. After talking with the officials and working out the details, the Long parents decided to allow it, as long as they compete under the name "Team Long Brothers".

In order to compete, Conner had to push and pull his younger brother the entire length of the race, a 2.5 mile course in total, which required swimming, running and biking. Using a special cart, raft, and stroller, Conner could successfully bring his brother along for the ride.

The boys had no desire to win the race, they only wanted to finish. And that is what they did, coming in second to last.

"When I see him smiling and laughing, that means he's having a good time," Connor told ESPN. That is all he cares about, watching his brother enjoy himself.

These brothers have a relationship like no other, a bond that brings out the best in both of them. Move over kittens and puppies, these boys are taking center stage! Get your tissues ready as you watch the moving video below...


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