CEO of Lenovo gives his $3 million bonus to his employees

July 25, 2012

The generous CEO of Lenovo, a very large Chinese computer building company, decided to give away his incredible $3 million bonus to all of his employees.

Lenovo has been rising the charts recently passing DELL in profits and closing the gap on Hewlett Packard. The first 3 months of the year, Lenovo experienced a 73% increase in profits resulting in the bonus awarded to their CEO Yuanqing. Lenovo is very happy with the progress the company has made this year. Who wouldn't be?

Yuanqing split the bonus up and divided the amount evenly to 10,000 lower level employees. Each employee received a bonus amount of about $315, which is actually one month's pay for some.

Yuanqing took this opportunity to reward the hardworking, loyal employees that aided in the company's success when he could have easily flown under the radar and kept the money for himself.

Although the company decided only to reward Yuanqing, he believed others deserved to be rewarded too, and made sure that happened.

Most people will agree that they consider CEO's of large companies to be over paid, greedy and selfish. This example should help restore your faith in humanity. Let's hope other companies will follow Yuanqing's lead and continue to reward the lower level employees that work just as hard, if not harder.

It takes an honest, generous person to give away $3 million. No matter how much you make, that is a ton of money to pass on.

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