Minor kickball accident saves 9 year-old's life

July 24, 2012

A minor accident may have saved the life of 9 year-old Jacob Holdaway. Playing kickball with his friends, Jacob was accidentally hit in the head with the large rubber ball. He shrugged it off and carried on with the game.

Only a few days after, he bagan vomitting and having very painful headaches. Jacob's mother, Stacy, remembered he was hit in the head fairly hard with a kickball and thought maybe that could be the source of the problem. It was worth checking out.

Stacy took Jacob to the doctor and found out there was no trauma caused by the force of the kickball slamming into his head. However, by doing those tests, they found a large mass forming in his brain. Having not done tests on his head from the kickball accident, who knows how long the mass may have gone unnoticed.

Jacob underwent surgery to remove the tumor and is recovering quite well. They removed most of the mass, but still need to have a couple more surgeries to make sure it is completely removed.

Doctors told Jacob's mother that he has probably had this tumor for quite some time, and if he had not had the kickball accident, they may have found out too late. This kickball accident was nothing less than a miracle. Coincidence or not, this certianly warms the heart.

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