Woman Searches For Mystery Man Who Rescued Her From A Seizure At A Train Station

November 3, 2015

27 year-old fitness instructor Ellie Farnfield was on her daily commute when she all of a sudden woke up confused at the train station.

Farnfield had a seizure, an event she knew occurred only because of a handwritten note she discovered in her hand.

tom saves woman on train

The note read:

"Hi Eleanor. I hope by the time you read this you are feeling better. You had a seizure on the train and I took you off. You didn't hit your head, but I may have hurt your leg as I walked on it before realizing you were on the floor having a fit! Sorry! I'm also sorry I can't stay with you now, but here is a coffee to perk you up later and £10 to make sure you get a taxi home. Sorry I don't have anymore money, so I hope you don't live far away. I've contacted people from your phone and medical help is on its way and you're with train staff. Wishing you all the best and a quick recovery. Love Tom."

Now, Farnfield is taking to social media in search of her mystery rescuer to personally thank him.


Major websites have since picked up on #findtraintom, including The Huffington Post and DailyMail.

woman looks for man who saved her on train

The part-time acupuncture student says she would like to return the money and buy him a drink, should they ever meet.

"I just want to thank Tom for his help. I'd tell him: 'You're a star and I really, really appreciate it,' she told DailyMail. "I'd also like to return the money. There is something really lovely about the kindness of a stranger. If I meet him, drinks are on me."

(h/t) JumbleJoy.

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