A Biker Gets Off Her Motorcycle To Save A Kitten In The Middle Of A Busy Intersection

October 26, 2015

A motorcyclist from northwest Oklahoma recently saved a kitten who was nearly run over in the middle of a busy intersection, and the incredible rescue was caught on her helmet cam.

good news 2015

The video shows the orange kitten appear to drop in the middle of a busy intersection after a maroon-colored sedan passes by. Several vehicles, including a large tow truck, appear to drive right over the kitten.

Only when the kitten starts moving does the motorcyclist in the video, who told ABC News she wanted to be identified only by her nickname Laney, go into the middle of the intersection, get off her bike and pick up the kitten. She then hands it over to a woman on a nearby sidewalk as she goes back to get her bike.

Watch the video below:

Laney has officially adopted the miracle kitten, giving him a very appropriate name: Skidmark.

skidmark kitten rescue
via imgur

"I can't watch this video any more, I feel like each time I do I see a new time he almost got squished," she wrote. "Luckily though, he is here biting my toes and not a literal skidmark."

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