Illinois Farmers Harvest Hundreds Of Acres To Help A Friend With Terminal Cancer

October 10, 2015

Dozens of people from the farming community in Illinois came together to help a terminally ill man harvest his crops in Galva, Illinois.


WXIN reports that photos of the act went viral when Jason Bates wrote a lengthy post on Facebook about his cousin, Carl, who is terminally sick with cancer.

When confronted with how they were going to harvest all 450 acres of Carl's land, Jason wrote that their other cousin, Dan, came up with a plan and "it all exploded from there."


Whereas an entire harvest would usually take about a week, the volunteers were able to successfully execute the plan in just 10 hours.

Carl is currently in hospice care, but he reportedly was able to gather the strength to witness his neighbors' selfless act.

"He was amazed and in awe," Jason wrote.

Although his health was taxing him, after a rest, Carl came back outside later in the day to personally thank every one of the volunteers.

"This is the stuff strong communities are made of," said Jason.

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