Bus Driver Stops His Route To Treat Passengers To Lemonade, Makes Everyone's Day

August 11, 2015

Passengers could have turned sour after their bus driver stopped mid-route, but what he did actually made their day a whole lot sweeter.

bus driver stops lemonade stand
CBS News

Bus Driver John Lohan was mid-route on Centre Street in West Roxbury, Massachusetts when he saw kids holding up a lemonade sign and decided to pull over.

lemonade stand bus driver
CBS News

"I said if anyone is in a hurry or needs to make a connection, I won't stop," Lohan told WBZ. But all passengers agreed.

The 19-year veteran driver ordered a round for everyone.

"I was surprised because usually none of them stop," said 11-year-old Shannon McGovern.

lemonade stand bus stop
CBS News

Lohan continued on his regular bus route, not thinking much of what he had done, until each commuter got off the bus.

"My passengers, as they got off the bus, each one of them said, 'That made my day and thank you,'" Lohan said.

"The biggest thing I thought was that the children would have a story they can tell for the rest of their lives. And then afterwards, I thought, 'Well, so do the passengers.'"

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