Teens return lost wallet with over $700 cash

July 6, 2012

Most teenagers would agree that finding $700 in cash is like winning the jackpot in Las Vegas. Even adults would consider $700 a large amount of money. To kids, it's a fortune.

Four teens from Montana found the wallet containing the cash along with important personal identification cards and decided to call the police and find the rightful owner. They left every single dollar untouched.

The man who lost the wallet was Chance Cleveland. He was on his way to work at a local Coldstone Creamery when it must have fallen out. He did not even know it was missing until a police officer showed up to return it.

Cleveland was able to find out who the good-hearted teenagers were from a friend who overheard them talking about the discovery. He brought them all in to Coldstone and bought them all a round of ice cream on him.

The teens who found the wallet admit they were tempted to keep the money, or even some of it. But they agreed that if it happened to them, they hope someone would do the same and return it. They returned every single dollar.

If you were in this situation, would you do the same?

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