Babies Will Ride In The FRONT With This New Car Seat Designed By Volvo

July 9, 2015

In what could be the biggest revolution in child car travel since the car seat was invented, Volvo has released a new design that puts the baby in the front passenger seat of the car next to the driver.

new childseat sits up front
Excellent Child Seat Concept / Volvo

The Excellent Child Seat Concept gives parents access to an ergonomic swiveling chair and allows the child to be locked rear facing for travel.

This concept was focused on three benefits: "Making it easier to get the child into and out of the child seat from an ergonomic and comfort perspective; providing the child with a safe rearward facing seating position that enables it to keep eye-contact with either the driver or the rear passenger; and, of course, including enough storage for those vital child accessories, such as nappies, bottles, wipes, and so on," said Tisha Johnson, one of Volvo's chief interior designers.

Released in Shanghai on July 2, the concept has not hit current marketed vehicles but can be seen in action in this video.

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