Rapper donates money to build orphanage in Afghanistan

June 29, 2012

Famous rap star Immortal Technique was present for the grand opening of the brand new children's orphanage, the Amin Institute, in Afghanistan. The orphanage was a long time in the making, built with one man's dream and determination.

Immortal Technique used money from a number of benefit concerts, as well as his own donations to build the new facility. It has always been a dream of his. He even helped hire employees, finish construction, and spread the word.

Given his platform, Immortal Technique has taken it upon himself to make the changes the world needs to see. He is single handedly making a difference in places where others believe there is no hope. He is showing the world that one person can make a difference.

During his stay in Afghanistan, the rap star had nothing but good things to say about the people living amongst him.

"If you are a visitor, they will treat you like one of their own and more ... they are some of the humbled and more respectful people I have ever come across. You have to admire their resilience of their spirit, fighting again and again (against the Soviets, Taliban and Al Qaeda) to retain their independence and identity."

Immortal Technique plans to make a movie about his experiences in Afghanistan. I look forward to seeing it.

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