Hero misses job interview to save baby from oncoming train

June 28, 2012

Delroy Simmonds was on his way to a job interview with a company at JFK Airport when he noticed a baby stroller fall onto the subway tracks after a strong gust of wind.

With an oncoming train bearing down on the 9-month-old child, Simmonds jumped down onto the tracks and lifted the child and himself up to safety.

Simmonds insists that he did what any one else would do in that situation. He was very surprised by the reactions he has been getting.

Just two days after the incident, he was offered a job with a different company at the aiport, making more money than expected. The employer claims it's a no-brainer to hire someone of that character. Even after accepting the job, offers have been pouring in. People are even trying to donate to him for his act of courage saving a child's life.

Simmonds was reuinted with the baby on Wednesday.

"It feels amazing. Just seeing him alive," Simmonds, a father of two, told the 9-month-old child’s mom, Maria Zamara.

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