Family dog saves drowning child

June 27, 2012

A loyal family dog from Marcellus, Michigan saved a 14-month-old child, Stanley, from drowning in the swimming pool.

Stanley's mother, Patricia Drauch, was outside with her son working on her garden. She walked over to the garage for some gardening tools, thinking Stanley was right behind her. To her surprise, he was no where to be found.

In a panic, she rushed all over the yard looking for her son only to find him in the swimming pool. Her heart sank when she saw what seemed to be Stanley floating face down in the pool.

As she ran over and dragged him out, she witnessed a miracle. Bear, the family lab was underneath Stanley holding him up on his back attempting to balance him out of the water. He was able to lift Stanley just high enough to keep him from swallowing large amounts of water. Bear was not moving, hoping to keep Stanley afloat.

Patricia pulled Stanley out and noticed his lips were blue and his eyes were rolled back in his head. She rushed to the hospital and everything was okay. X-rays showed that there was no water in Stanley's lungs and he will be just fine.

Stanley is alive today all because of Bear, the hero black lab who saved the day.

Watch the video below

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