Dashcam Captures Heroic Cop And ER Nurse Save A Man From A Fatal Drug Overdose

June 17, 2015

Dramatic dashcam footage shows the moment a Maine state trooper pulled a speeding driver over - and saved him from a fatal heroin overdose.

Trooper Doug Cropper had pulled the man over for speeding on Interstate 295 in Portland early Friday morning. Cropper says when he went back to the man's car with the ticket he noticed that the driver was turning blue and didn't appear to be breathing.

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Cropper pulled the man out of the vehicle and onto the side of the busy road. As cars whizzed by, he starting performing CPR.

An emergency room nurse happened to drive by and pulled over to help. The combined effort was enough to bring back the man's pulse.

Once emergency rescue workers arrived, the man was able to walk on his own. He was taken to the hospital for treatment.

"He said he needed a kick in the head. I said this is the kick you get," Cropper said.

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