Man saves life of child hanging from building roof by his head

June 14, 2012

A good news story took place in China this week when a hero emerged to rescue a child who was helplessly dangling from the top of a 40 foot building by his head.

A brave neighbor nearby saw the child hanging and decided to climb his balcony in an attempt to reach the child. One slip could have sent both the rescuer and the child 40 feet to the deadly concrete below.

As the man continued to reach for the child, he realized his only option was to try and push the child from the bottom of his feet up and back through the railing where his head was caught in between.

After various attempts, the man who locals are now calling "Spiderman", was successful. The rescuer's name is still unknown according to various online sources.

Not only was this stranger helping a random child, he was risking his own life to save another. He could have waited for local authorities, but knew the urgency at hand and had to make sure this child was safe in case help arrived one minute too late.

Stories of people helping random people continue to grow!

man saves child in china

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