These Cops Pulled Over A Woman Holding Her Baby In A Moving Vehicle. What They Did Next Is Wonderful

April 1, 2015

Michigan Police Officers Jason Pavlige and James Hodges responded to a call reporting a woman holding a baby in her arms in a moving vehicle.

good stories about cops
ABC News

After the officers pulled the car over, the mother of the 10-month-old girl made it clear that she and her husband knew they should have a car seat for their child, but couldn't afford one.

"They had just recently moved to the area," Hodges told ABC News. "We tried to have them contact family but they don’t have anyone close. There were no co-workers, no one who could help them out."

The officers decided it would be counter-productive to fine the couple, so they went to Walmart and bought the family a car seat with their own money.

good stories about cops
ABC News

"The father was, I think, almost in shock," said Hodges. "They didn't say much but were just very appreciative."

Fruitport Township Police Lt. Bruce Morningstar told ABC News that it was only brought to his attention by a clerk at Walmart who saw it and thought the officers should be recognized.

Hodges added that the incident was just another day on the job in the life of a police officer.

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