Drones Are Effectively Saving Elephants And Rhinos From Poachers (VIDEO)

March 13, 2015

40,000 elephants and over 1,200 rhinos were killed by poachers last year. At that rate both will be extinct within 10 years. In the last half-dozen years, there has been an exponential increase in the killing of elephants and rhinos by poachers.

The Solution?

save elephants with drones


Backed by the chairman of the Lindbergh Foundation, John Peterson, Air Shepherd is attempting to put an end to elephant and rhino poaching deaths by use of drones and supercomputers.

Quietly developed and tested in southern Africa for over two years with over 1000 hours of flying time, Air Shepherd reports that where they fly, the poaching stops. Completely.

In over 600 trials, zero animals have been killed by poachers where drones were active.

Air Shepherd teamed up with University of Maryland mathematicians who have developed the world's most effective supercomputer-based capability for predicting where poachers will be each night. The same team invented the capability to predict where roadside bombs would be placed in Iraq and Afghanistan – with over 93% accuracy. Now they've applied that pattern recognition to poaching.

Air Shepherd states, "We know exactly where to fly – with a very high probability of getting there before the poachers."

Watch the video below showing the breakthrough process by Air Shepherd:

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