'I Grabbed Him And Ran': Hero Cop Saves Baby's Life By Running With Him To The Hospital

February 6, 2015

Jo Paine experienced every parent's worst nightmare when her two month-old baby, Harrison, stopped breathing.

Jo desperately tried to do CPR while calling 999. Fearing the ambulance was taking too long to arrive, she ran outside and bumped into PC Steve Norton.

Norton grabbed the child and ran to Wandsworth Hospital in London, which was within sight.

"Jo just handed him to me and said 'I don't know what else to do' and I grabbed him and ran," Norton told Good Morning Britain. "I just thought if he was my son I'd want to get him help as quickly as possible."

Jo added: "There's no words that can describe my gratitude for what he did It was incredible."

(H/T) iTV.

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