The Internet Rallies Behind Autistic Weather Fanatic To Help Make His Dream Come True

January 29, 2015

The CBC gave an autistic man, who is a locally renowned weather fanatic, a spot on their weather segment. Now, he's making international news.

At a young age, 30 year-old Frankie MacDonald fell in love with the weather. His dream has always been to become a weather man.

Frankie's enthusiasm for the weather has made him popular in his home town of Sydney, Nova Scotia, but now his amateur weather broadcasts are starting to become a viral sensation after a BuzzFeed post asked the internet to "Please give this man a TV weatherman job."

This is an example of one of his weather reports, which has over 400,000 views:

People around the world are rallying behind Frankie, trying to get him more publicity so that he can achieve his dream.

Keep up the great work, Frankie. The internet loves you.

Frankie weather man

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