This Organic Farm Run By The Community For The Community Is An Inspiration For The Future Of Farming

January 20, 2015

Growing with the community, for the community.

That's the concept of Caerhys Organic Community Agriculture (COCA).

community helps farmers

Caerhys is a community farm in North Pembrokeshire, Wales. Unlike most modern farms, COCA members work together in a spirit of sustainability, trust and friendship to produce organic vegetables that are distributed to the local community.

organic farm community

"This is what farming should be," says Gerald Miles, owner of Caerhys Farm. "Feeding local people without packaging, without food miles. This builds up a bond and a trust between the community and the farmer."

Watch the video below to learn how it works.

The concept is simple and based on mutual benefit and shared risk. A bad harvest for the farmer (producer) is also a bad harvest for members, but they stick together through thick and thin.

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