A Grieving Mother Sells Her Baby's Crib, But Receives Something Truly Special In Return

January 15, 2015

It's random acts of kindness like this that can help heal a broken heart.

Valerie Watts noticed her baby wasn't moving very much during the final week of her pregnancy. His umbilical cord had become pinched in the womb, and she gave birth to a stillborn.

mother sells crib and gets bench

For months she held on to many of the items she purchased for her child, unable to let go. She finally decided it was time, and held a garage sale that attracted a local craftsman named Gerald Kumpula who was interested in buying Watts' crib.

While making the purchase, Kumpula and his wife learned about her son's passing. On the way home, they decided to return with something truly special.

(H/T) San Francisco Globe

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